Green Living Roof is a roof substantially covered with vegetation, which provides extra green space, improve energy performance of buildings and helps purify air. Living roofs greening is the new trend for people who care about their environment; it is an effective and cost saving way for energy conservation.
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Benefits of Green Living Roof

(1) Energy Conservation

A green facade on building regulates room temperature and thus reduces maintenance and cooling or heating costs. It helps cooling of the building in the summer by increasing building insulation, while reduces convectional heat loss by the same insulation during winter. Various studies in Asia countries confirmed that with installation of a green roof on the top floor of any building, the day-night temperature fluctuations can be reduced by 90% and room temperature can be reduced by 2°C, an estimate net annual energy savings of around 15%.

(2) Provide Leisure and Open Space & Aesthetically Pleasing

In a dense urban environment with limited areas of ground level open space, green living roofs offer various possibities for usage. A haven for wildlife, recreational roof gardens, or even a sporting area. Greenery can also beautify our environment, especially in a densely populated city like Hong Kong where greening provides freshness, beauty, comfort and elegance for our enjoyment.

(3) Reduce Carbon Footprint & Enhance Life Quality

Leaves of the plants are able to absorb and filter out dust and pollutants, they can trap carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. This is vital for the wellbeing of our environment. The importance of green aspect in healthcare settings has a raft of literature supporting it. The more we have access to green space, the happier we feel.

available plants for Greenroof

Sedum lineare thumb Portulaca grandiflora hook Alternanthera paronychioides
Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr. Arachis duranensis Ophiopogon japonicus cv. Nanus
Sansevieria trifasciata cv. Hahnii Arrhenatherum elatius S.trifasciataGoldenHahnii
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