GreenWall GreenWall called wall greening or three-dimensional wall greening, is to make full use of space, walls, balconies, window sills, scaffolding, etc. to increase the green coverage and improve the living environment. Vertical greening serves an unique role in overcoming the shortage of green space in urban households, and to improve the poor living environment. Green wall can reduce direct sunlight and lower temperatures. According to scientific test, the direct sunlight light intensity of a plant-covered area is only one-tenth of open space. Dense foliage of plants act as a thick layer of coating which reduces the intensity of solar radiation, and also reduces the temperature. There are very strong heat and sunlight reflection of walls and roads in the city, the vertical green wall can help reduce the wall temperature by 2-7°C; the cooling effect of having a green wall on any west-facing walls is more significant. Meanwhile, humidity can be increased by 10-20% when walls are covered by greenery, which greatly help to increase the comfort feeling especially in the hot summer.



Benefits of vertical green wall(1)- Reduce indoor temperature

By covering with green plants, the vegetation protect the wall from absorption of solar radiation and heat; at the same time the transpiration of green leaves helps cool down the concrete surface. It is observed that the average day-night temperature of the external building surface has dropped by 4.4°C from 35.1°C to 30.7°C; and the inner wall surface temperature has dropped accordingly from 30.0°C to 29.1°C with green plants covered. Obviously, a green vegetation on the wall significantly reduced the heat transmission through the concrete surface, reduce indoor temperature and hence help reduce in air conditioning energy consumption.

Benefits of vertical green wall(2)- Purify air and reduce noise level

Green walls can also reduce indoor sound as much as 10 decibels for every 3 inches of growing vegetation. When the sound waves through the dense leaves, about 26% of the sound wave is absorbed. In addition, the many piles on the leaves are able to absorb and filter out dust and pollutants, they can trap carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. By covering with green vegetation, green wall can provide the neighborhood with fresh air, to improve urban heat island effect and create a good microclimate. Green walls improve the quality of living environment and which is especially beneficiary to built-up residential and commercial areas.

Benefits of vertical green wall(3)- Aesthetically Pleasing

Greenery can also beautify our environment, especially in a densely populated city like Hong Kong where greening provides freshness, beauty, comfort and elegance for our enjoyment. However in a densely populated city like Hong Kong, a large area of Greenland is very expensive. Given that, a way out to increase the city’s green space is through the development of vertical greening. It utilize the full building with green in the limited space, and also enhance the three-dimensional effects of urban greening and aesthetic pleasing.

available plants for Greenroof

Asparagus cochinchinensis Dracaena deremensis cv.Compacta Nephrolepis exaltata cv.`Bostoniensis`
Zebrina pendula Catharanthus roseus Chlorophytum comosum
Serissa japonica Sansevieria trifasciata cv. Hahnii S.trifasciataGoldenHahnii
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