TimberPlast is a Wood-Plastic Composites (WPCs) which are made of wood fiber, rice husk and various natural fibers. It is made by technological method to first cover a layer of plastic around the composites for water resisting, then processed by injection or extrusion moulding method to make sure plastic particles are fully penetrate into the composite, and finally to further manufactured to make its appearance, texture and patterns look similar to natural timber. The TimberPlast carry the advantages of both Timber and Plastic products. Looks similar to Wood, its dimensional stability is better than plastic that doesn’t mix with timber; while its hardness, weather resistance, antimicrobial resistance, corrosion resistance, cracking resistance and anti-pollution nature, etc. are all better than natural wood. The superior environmental durability of TimberPlast makes them worth the value not only for bridge making, but also be used for concrete surface that frequently suffer from snow and salt corrosion. Its environmental friendly nature not only replaces natural timber, but also opens up new applications of its usage. With the shortage in the world's timber supply and the boost in housing industry, there will be a dramatic growth in TimberPlast demand. TimberPlast is an environmentally friendly product where it can be recycled again and again, and made of extensive recycled plastic, sawdust and other waste so as to avoid pollution from waste burning. Timber itself is a poor heat conductor, TimberPlast with wood fiber effectively lower the thermal conductivity and hence reduce the chance of expansion so maintain its dimensional stability. Thermo-plastic plastic are highly flexible and compact yet less rigid, by adding fiber its hardness can be increased by 20 ° (Shore A) and also promote the product rigidity. The tool for processing TimberPlast is exactly the same as for general timber where it can be sawed, planed, nailed and drilled. It can also be put under thermal processing for extrusion moulding.



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